IM体育- 2020高考英语作文重磅预测--热点话题(附范文)
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本文摘要:凭据往年高考履历,高考英语作文话题一般会与当年的社会热点、民生有关。联合以上这些,我们来看看今年高考作文的预测话题吧!2020年高考很可能考察下面这些话题哦。01热点预测:2020年热点①垃圾分类【题目要求】假定你是李华,你的美国朋侪Eli对中国正在推广的垃圾分类政策很感兴趣,他想相识一下相关情况,请你给他写封回信,内容包罗:1. 上海率先实行;2. 垃圾须分四类(干、湿、可循环、有害) ;3. 民众反映。



凭据往年高考履历,高考英语作文话题一般会与当年的社会热点、民生有关。联合以上这些,我们来看看今年高考作文的预测话题吧!2020年高考很可能考察下面这些话题哦。01热点预测:2020年热点①垃圾分类【题目要求】假定你是李华,你的美国朋侪Eli对中国正在推广的垃圾分类政策很感兴趣,他想相识一下相关情况,请你给他写封回信,内容包罗:1. 上海率先实行;2. 垃圾须分四类(干、湿、可循环、有害) ;3. 民众反映。

参考词汇:垃圾分类 trash sorting注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【优秀范文】Dear Eli,Having learned that you are interested in the trash-sorting program promoted recently in China, I am here writing to give you a brief introduction. As far as I know, Shanghai has become the pioneer of our country's waste sorting policy. As of July 1st this year, the residents in Shanghai have not been able to dump their waste bags in whichever bin was closest. On the contrary, domestic waste is required to be classified into four categories: dry refuse, wet trash, recyclable waste and hazardous(dangerous) waste.Faced with the new rule, many citizens in Shanghai are finding it a little too complicated, with every item of waste now under careful scrutiny(examination) and classification. Still, there are more people who warmly support the policy because it helps people to cultivate greener lifestyle habits and helps China to become a more beautiful country. Yours,Li Hua②疫情话题:谢谢信【题目要求】假定你是李华,你所在的山西国际学校要征集一封英文谢谢信,以致意奋战在抗击新型冠状病毒肺炎第一线的医护人员,请你凭据下列要点写一封信用于投稿。1. 表达谢意;2. 小我私家感受;3. 表达信心。


注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头语和竣事语已为你写好。参考词汇:盛行病epidemic 疫情 epidemic situation 新型冠状病毒 novel coronavirus【优秀范文】Dear Medical workers,I am Li Hua,a high middle school student in Shanxi. I'm writing to express sincere gratitude to you all for your devotion and sacrifice in this battle against the Novel Coronavirus.In this epidemic, it is you who, despite the lack of equipment and the potential of infection, desperately rescue those infected but striving for life. It is also you who have shed new light on the virus with expertise to build up our confidence to defeat it. It is you who deserve all the admiration and love!I can never express our thankfulness too much for your selfless contribution. It's widely believed that our joint efforts China will win the battle and make a quick recovery.Good luck and stay well!Yours sincerely,Li Hua02热点预测:科技生长科技是近几年来比力常泛起在英语的试题中的一个话题,或者泛起在阅读明白中,或者泛起在完形填空中,或者泛起在写作题目中!5G技术与人工智能【题目要求】人工智能与5G时代已悄然来临,随着科技越来越与人类生活相联合,随处可见的人工智能,让生活越来越便利的同时也。